Not Ordinary Digital Signage

In the early stages of its development, Uzma is a modern prayer timer that is equipped with a digital information board for mosques which makes it easy to become a prayer-call (azan) schedule reminder, iqamah schedule, deliver mosque announcements for pilgrims, murottal players or Al-Quran recitation automatically minutes before the call to prayer (azan) and also as a means of delivering da'wah messages. Uzma uses a television screen to display the output so that the size of the mosque's digital clock can vary according to the size of the television used.

But now Uzma is digital signage for all public information delivery needs. By shutting down the prayer schedule, then Uzma can be a tool for product promotion, publication activities, delivery of important information to customers, worshipers or members that you manage.

So Uzma is suitable for restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, Islamic boarding schools, government offices, business offices, hospitals, clinics, and so on.

Reliable hardware

Uzma uses a reliable hardware device, which is mini computer that specifically customized and display output via HDMI that can use television screens on the market. Screen size also depends on needs.

Universal Prayer Schedule

Display the prayer times for the whole world, because the prayer times are calculated with astronomical formulas which are adjusted to longitude coordinates, latitude and altitude from the sea level according to each region.

Automatic Qur'an Audio

Not only the prayer schedule, because Uzma also functions as an automatic MP3 player like the Qur'an audio for a few minutes before the call to prayer (azan). Audio can be uploaded by yourself or use 3 choices of Quran reciter.  international provided (30 juz). 

Manage from Smartphone

To manage Uzma is simple, you can use your smartphone without needing an internet connection. Such as configuration settings, managing images in slides, messages in running text, selection of Quran reciter or uploading audio from Quran.             

Animation In Images

Uzma is not only a clock and prayer schedule, but also can be used as a decoration for mosques with display of calligraphy images, beautiful mosques all over the world, quotes, or da'wah messages in pictures. The number of images is unlimited.

Animation in Text

Da'wah messages and mosque announcements can be easily displayed in alternating text animations. This text animation can also be given at the time of waiting for the iqamah. The number of lines of text that can be displayed is unlimited.

Time, Day & Calendar

The digital watch display is easy to read, day name, Masehi calendar and also the Hijri calendar that can be displayed in Arabic or Latin format. The Hijri calendar can also be adjusted if there is a change according to rukyah hilal.              

Other features

Besides prayer schedule, iqamah countdown is also provided with hadiths about the qabliyah prayer according to the prayer time at that time. Also provided information on sunrise time (syuruq), time of prayer and the prayer time of Dhuha.

Video Player

Not only images, Uzma can be used to play videos to deliver information and promotion, so that information is clearer and more detailed. Videos can be filled such as mosque activity videos, product information, advertising facilities, etc.

Scheduled Audio

This facility is generally used to deliver scheduled audio information. Such as the change of time of learning activities, announcement of the time of recitation and  another activities.

Prayer Time Correction

One of the facilities used to correct prayer times if there are differences or not according to the time determined based on coordinates. Time can be reduced or added according to the provisions of the mosque.

Without Prayer Schedule

Uzma can be used as a media of promotion, product information, and digital information boards. With the option not to display prayer schedules, Uzma is suitable for schools, universities, restaurants, hotels, agencies, offices, and others. 


UZMA is specially designed using a mini computer Raspberry Pi 3  which looks using a television via an HDMI cable. So to see all the features that can not be done from this online demo version, especially for audio / sound. In this online demo version, you only see UZMA visualization with its features and configurations but not all results can be seen here.

UZMA display

This UZMA display in practice is a high-resolution television via HDMI cable. For a display that looks like the real, please open the links below from the Chrome browser from PC / Desktop with a minimum resolution of 1360x768 pixels.

This display is only simulated and is not the same as the real display in hardware and operating systems specifically for UZMA.


UZMA Admin Display

For UZMA settings you can use smartphone or PC/Desktop with browser Chrome in fullscreen mode. In this DEMO version you cannot save configuration, you can only try the features provided. Please open it this link and enter the following user and password:

Full Administrator
  • User : admin
  • Password : demo
  • User : editor
  • Password : demo

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Frequently asked questions and our answers can be read here ...
  • What are the advantages in Uzma if compared to Digital Mosque Clock in general?
    1. Can display the Hijri calendar.
    2. Can display images that can be changed easily.
    3. Play videos in slides.
    4. Display running text with lots of unlimited lines.
    5. Play Quran audio before the call to prayer (azan) and can be uploaded by yourself as you want or just choose one of the 4 international Qori provided, namely Sheikh Misyari Rasyid Alafasy, Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Ghomidy, Sheikh Shuraim, and there is also option for additional audio translation in Indonesian. This Murottal will be played sequentially from Juz 1 to Juz 30.
    6. Using a reliable hardware device, mini computer.
    7. Make it easier to arrange the time schedule for the call to prayer (azan) and iqamah so it helps to discipline the worshipers of the mosque.
    8. Save information board space, because by using Uzma then announcements and mosque information can be displayed in one screen that is displayed alternately automatically.
    9. There is information when the priest can even ring the siren during the month of Ramadan, time of syuruq (rising sun) and time Dhuha.
  • How does Uzma work?
  • How do you change the configuration or content in Uzma?
  • Do Uzma only be used for the mosque?
  • What are scheduled audio features for?

Ketentuan Garansi

Garansi Hardware 
  1. Masa garansi hardware adalah 1 (satu) tahun sejak barang diterima oleh konsumen, baik pembelian langsung maupun lewat marketplace.
  2. Perangkat Uzma akan dilakukan ujicoba/test selama 6 - 24 jam sebelum dikirimkan, hal tersebut untuk menjamin perangkat berfungsi dengan baik saat diterima.
  3. Garansi diberikan kepada konsumen yang membeli langsung kepada kami, lewat reseller atau lewat marketplace resmi Uzma.
  4. Masa garansi  perangkat meliputi unit utama (mini PC) sejak barang diterima, baik pembelian secara langsung, lewat reseller atau lewat marketplace.
  5. Garansi tidak berlaku apabila kerusakan disebabkan kesalahan pemasangan, jatuh atau kena benturan, basah dan karena bencana alam.
  6. Garansi tidak termasuk biaya kirim perangkat baru kepada pelanggan jika sudah lebih dari 1 bulan saat barang diterima.
Garansi Software
  1. Masa garansi software adalah 1 (satu)  tahun sejak barang diterima oleh konsumen, baik pembelian langsung maupun lewat marketplace.
  2. Kerusakan software dapat melakukan klaim garansi dengan mengirimkan perangkat kepada kami untuk dianalisa terlebih dahulu.